Dana White lets it all out on Twitter

February 16, 2011 14:49 by MMA Admin

After Fedor's recent loss to Antonio Bigfoot Silva, Dana White publicly let launch a number of insults aimed at the Former Pride Champion and about the Strikeforce organization.

Not known for being shy, Dana made his thoughts clear about Fedor's current position in the Heavyweight Rankings, and the quality of his former opponents. Dana also took the time to respond to some personal attacks on him from Fedor fans. Here are a couple of samples:

@DannyBMacPhee me too danny. I have to spoon feed these fedor crybaby bitches
@Pashak89 cain is the best hw in the world. Brock never fought set ups like ur boyfriend fedor
@Streghhe anderson cleaned out a division and moved up in weight and won there too. U really need to get off fedors nuts! Its OVER

For more amusement feel free to visit Dana's Twitter account and view some of his posts.

Perth may host next Australian UFC event

February 28, 2010 02:22 by MMA Admin

According to Kevin Iole from Yahoo sports the next UFC event in Australia may be hosted in Perth. Iole recently spoke to the UFC Director of International Development, Marshall Zelaznik, who said that Perth would be the spot for the next event.

At the fight club Q & A session in Sydney, White was asked if the UFC would return to Australia, and possibly Melbourne. White responded by saying that the UFC will definitely come back to Australia, with plans to return at least once per year.

The problem is that MMA isn't licensed in Melbourne, and Iole said that if the next event is not in Sydney again, it will be Perth. 

Dana White - "We will be coming back to Australia"

February 21, 2010 01:18 by MMA Admin

MMA Razor was at the exclusive UFC 110 Question and Answer session today with Dana White at the Acer Arena. Fight club members posed some interesting questions to the president, who was more than happy to answer even some of the more difficult questions.

Here is a short summary of some of the main questions and answers:

Will the UFC be coming back to Australia?

Dana White said that based on Australia's initial response, that they will definitely be bringing the UFC down under again, and even mentioned the possibility of an event in Melbourne.

Will the UFC ever fight in larger venues?

The UFC likes to keep the crowd size close to 20,000 but not much bigger, so that fans will always feel close to the action. Supersized arenas are therefore not ideal for the UFC experience.

Will there be any new weight categories in the UFC such as a Super Heavyweight Category?

Dana said this is unlikely to happen. He cited that with sports like boxing things can get confusing with many weight divisions, and that things are likely to stay the way they are.

Will the UFC ever have it's own ranking system?

The UFC is happy with it's current model and prefers to give the fans the fights they want to see, rather than following a systematic ranking system which doesn't mean that the fights will always be the most exciting ones available.

Other discussions involved popular topics such as Fedor, Anderson Silva, GSP. There was also discussion of UFC training centres which will be opening in the USA, but possible countries like Australia in the future. Overall the Question and Answer session provided a positive indication of the continued international growth of the UFC, with many more exciting times for Australian fans.

Tito Ortiz re-joins the UFC

August 1, 2009 17:10 by MMA Admin

Latest news from Sherdog indicates that the Former Light HeavyWeight champion has signed a new contract with the UFC. It appears that Dana White and Tito have settled their long disputed differences to make way for Tito to re-join the competition and compete at 205 pounds.

Dana White has said that Tito is "still a guy that fans want to see fight". Whether you love him or you hate him, he generates interest.

Tito is set to fight Mark Coleman on his return, although not date has been scheduled.

Fedor to meet with UFC to discuss possible fight with Brock Lesnar

February 19, 2009 00:56 by MMA Admin

According to Adam Baker of Dreamfighters.com, the WAMMA heavyweight Champion Fedor Emelianenko has stated that he may meet in the near future with UFC President Dana White. According to Fedor, discussions are likely to be focused on a possible matchup between Fedor and the current UFC Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar. Emelianenko competed recently against former UFC Heavyweight title holder Andrei Arlovski and defeated him in the first round via KO.

Fedor is currently still contracted to M1 Global, so discussions may focus on an agreement between the UFC and M1 with a Co-Promotion a possible outcome.