UFC 110 Wrapup

February 23, 2010 21:58 by MMA Admin


Igor Pokrajac vs James TeHuna
James TeHuna secured his first UFC victory after defeating Igor Pokrajac late in the 3rd round by ground and pound stoppage. Pokrajac dominated the standup and managed to knock TeHuna down in the second round, but Tehuna was fortunately saved by the bell. Despite Pokrajac winning the standup battle, TeHuna was having great success with the single leg takedown and maintaining top position on the ground with consistent elbows and strikes.

Goran Reljic vs CB Dollaway
The Reljic and Dollaway fight was a good battle with plenty of standup action and ground game. Reljic managed to strike early with some whipping leg kicks, but Dollaway kept his composure and responded well with his much improved striking. In the end Dollaway's superior wrestling proved too much for Reljic who was unable to stop his takedowns, and despite showing a dangerous guard and almost locking in a couple of arm bars, the decision went to the clear victor CB Dollaway.

Brian Foster vs Chris Lytle
In the shortest fight of the night, popular fighter Chris Lytle managed to end the bout early in the first round by knee-bar. Although showing some impressive standup with high-kicks and a roundhouse, Foster was endangered when the fight went to the ground as he found himself in a vicious knee-bar from the experienced BJJ blackbelt Lytle.

Stephan Bonnar vs Christoph Soszynski
Probably the bloodiest fight of the night, Soszynski vs Bonnar was an all out war. Soszynski showed early dominance in the striking department, managing to land several clean shots on Bonnar. The durable Bonnar however seemed to warm up as the fight progressed and he managed to even up the ledger. Unfortunately midway during the third the ringside Doctor called for a stoppage due to an accidental headbut against Bonnar, leaving him with a nasty cut on his forehead.

Keith Jardine vs Ryan Bader
Initially the fight was lack lustre, almost as though both fighters' styles were cancelling each other out. Bader however awoke the crowd when he managed to land a clean shot on Jardine and quickly pounced on his dazed opponent to finish the fight with a spectacular KO that left Jardine reeling.


Mirko 'Cro Cop' Filipovic vs Anthony Perosh
Cro Cop returned to the Octagon with renewed vigor after undergoing an intensive training camp in the Netherlands. Cro Cop's striking looked crisp and clean, and his takedown defence was at it's brilliant best as he managed to thwart at least 10 takedown attempts by the overmatched Perosh.

Perosh to his credit had taken the fight on barely two days notice, as Cro Cop's previous opponent Ben Rothwell pulled out last minute due to the flu. Although Cro Cop only threw one high kick, his unanswered strikes and takedown stoppages bewildered and exhausted Perosh until the fight was eventually stopped due to a cut on Perosh's forehead sustained from an elbow strike while on the ground.

George Sotiropolous vs Joe 'Daddy' Stevens
The fight of the night belonged to local hero George Sotiropolous who put on a ground clinic against his highly regarded opponent Joe Stevens. Sotiropolous spent most of the fight demonstrating his slick ground game as he controlled Stevens via his smooth transitions from back control, to side control and mount. Even when Stevens managed to take Sots to ground, he was quickly neutralised by George's highly effective rubber-guard. The most danger George appeared to be in was when Stevenson attempted an ankle lock, but even then Sotiropolous seemed to have plenty of wiggle room and was safely out of the hold in a matter of seconds. The judges awarded a unanimous victory to the crowd favourite, as he moves one step closer to a possible title shot.

Wanderlei Silva vs Michael Bisping
The much anticipated matchup between Silva and Bisping did not disappoint. Although Wanderlei appeared to be uncharacteristically reserved in his approach, he managed to control the centre of the Octagon for the majority of the bought, landing punches and leg kicks as the opportunities presented themselves. Bisping showed great movement and footwork throughout the contest, but nothing was seen of the "knockout power" that he promised. Although Bisping didn't have any real answers for Wanderlei, he was successful in several takedown attempts, although Silva quickly got back up to his feet and continued to impose his will. The fight went the distance, but luckily for Bisping the clock ran out just after he'd been knocked down by Silva in the third, who was about to pounce and finish him off. The judges scored the bout unanimously in favour of the clear victor Silva.

Cain Velasquez vs Antonio Rodrigo Nogeuira
Nobody was sure which way this fight would go. Both talented fighters, seemingly setup as a battle of the young and powerful, against the older and more exprienced. It didn't take long however to get an answer, as the tenacious Velasquez suprisingly dispatched of Noguiera with an awesome 3 punch combo in the first round, followed by a flurry of fists to the face of the fallen Nogeuira.

Although having a flawless record, Velasquez had previously been criticized for his inability to finish Cheick Kongo, some even referring to him as "Pillow Hands". We're pretty sure Nogeuira wouldn't agree with such a comment, as Velasquez has now put the heavyweight division on notice.  

UFC 110 Viewing Party at Acer Arena

January 21, 2010 14:19 by MMA Admin

Great news for those UFC fans who have missed out on buying tickets. The UFC is hosting a viewing party at the Acer Arena at an exclusive theatre in side the Grand Ballroom.

Here is a summary of the details:

  • Event to be broadcast on giant hi-defnition screens
  • Special question and answer session before the event
  • 3 international UFC guest fighters to attend event and participate in Q & A
  • Ticket holders to receive a special commemorative laminate andofficial UFC 110 event program
  • Tickets $50 - available at www.ticketek.com from 22nd January. 
The Q & A will kick off at 10:45am, and the first bout will be aired live at 11:45am.

Bisping training with Quinton 'Rampage' Jackson

January 19, 2010 21:17 by Lex

A follow up post from Michael Bisping's UFC 110 blog has indicated that he is currently training with Quinton 'Rampage' Jackson in preparation for his upcoming fight with Wanderlei Silva. The history between Rampage and Silva is well known, with Rampage most recently gaining a victory over the well known striker.

Bisping highlights that having Rampage as a training partner will be invaluable in offering him an insight from a fighter who has experience with Wanderlei's style.

Although recognizing the power of the heavy-hitting Brazillian, Bisping believes that his style will be a 'bad fit' for Silva, and that he wont show him any respect in the ring.

Part two of Bisping's blog can be read in full at the Daily Telegraph

Michael Bisping UFC 110 Blog

January 19, 2010 19:02 by MMA Admin

One of Britain's most popular characters Michael 'the Count' Bisping will be fighting down under on the UFC 110 card. Bisping will feature in the co-main event against former Pride Legend Wanderlei Silva on the 21st Feb.

It may surprise some readers to know that Bisping's fiancée is an Aussie (Becky), and that he requested Dana White to fight on the momentous first Aussie UFC card.

At the moment 'the Count' is training intensively for his fight with Silva. He has recently started writing a blog for the Daily Telegraph in the build up to the event, and will be posting once per week.

We'll be providing updates from his blog as they become available, but until then click here to read the full entry.

Seasons Beatings

December 28, 2009 15:44 by MMA Admin

Happy Holidays from all of us at MMA Razor.

While our Christmas wish of Fedor vs Brock wasn't fulfilled, we can still be happy that the UFC is coming to Australia next year.

We hold our hopes high that 2010 will bring a bountiful year of MMA with lots of exciting matchups, and we wish all of our readers a happy and safe break of Christmas and New Year. Please remember not to drink and drive, and make sure to pull over for a rest or a coffee if you are getting tired at the wheel.

UFC - Silva vs Irvin Free on Australian Fuel TV

July 19, 2008 14:51 by MMA Admin

Great news. Fuel TV will be airing a live broadcast of the highly anticipated Silva versus Irvin bout on Sunday the 20th July at 11am EST. Courtesy of the UFC, this is a first for Australian cable/sattelite TV, and is a great opportunity to increase exposure of Mixed Martial Arts in Australia for those of you who have not yet watched the Pay Per Views.

The fight card is as below:

Silva vs Irvin
Brandon Vera vs Reese Andy
Hermes Franka vs Frank Edgar
Cain Velasquez Vs. Jake O'Brien
Anthony Johnson Vs. Kevin Burns
Jesse Taylor Vs. CB Dollaway
Tim Credeur Vs. Cale Yarbrough
Brodie Farber Vs. Rory Markham
Nate Loughran Vs. Johnny Rees
James Giboo Vs. Brad Blackburn
Dale Hartt Vs. Shannon Gugerty

UFC Expanding to Germany (with plans to come to Australia and Philippines)

May 19, 2008 20:27 by MMA Admin

According to MMA Weekly, the UFC continues its global expanse by recently announcing its plans to hold events in Germany, Australia, and the Philippines. Following the success of the UFC in the UK and the recent debut in Canada, the UFC is confident of extending its brand which has single handedly popularized Mixed Martial Arts globally.

At the moment, the rumoured location for the first event in Germany is Berlin. Based on record breaking Pay Per View results and attendance for the recent event in Canada, the international popularity of the sport is evident, and it is clear that throught the popularity of MMA that the UFC offers something that transcends any cultural barriers.

As Dana White said “I take two guys and put them in the Octagon and they can use any martial art they want. It translates through all different cultural barriers, language barriers... people love fighting.”

He continued, “I think that this thing can be global. I think that this thing can be the biggest sport in the world. I already know it's the most exciting sport in the world.”