Werdum happy to be back in the UFC

February 2, 2012 17:36 by MMA Admin

Former UFC heavyweight and Strikeforce fighter recently talked about how happy he is to be back in the UFC. He feels that his time outside of the UFC helped him become a better fighter. For one thing he was the first guy to break Fedor's long lasting unbeaten streak, and secondly, the time away from the UFC improved his attitude toward training. Werdum says he is more professional now and takes his training more seriously. He believes this will give him the opportunity to fulfil his dream of becoming the UFC heavyweight title holder. To get back on track and achieve that dream he will first have to defeat Roy Nelson. Werdum acknowledges how tough Nelson is, given that Nelson went 3 rounds with the current champ Dos Santos and lost on points. To add to that not many people knew that Nelson blew out his knee in the first round of that fight.

Nelson is looking a lot fitter as he's changed his training and diet regime, shedding some weight and improving his endurance. The pair will meet at this weekend's UFC 143 headlined by Carlos Condit and Nick Diaz.

article: MMA Junkie