Conor McGregor's next opponent

November 16, 2016 04:50 by MMA Admin

Conor McGregor recently won the UFC Lightweight belt with an impressive victory over Eddie Alvarez, therefore making him the dual-division Featherweight and Lightweight champion. This opens up a number of options for Conor in terms of his next potential opponent. Typically the list of contenders for a champion would not be so long, but given Conor's opportunities across the two divisions, and rumours of another foray into the FW division, it is difficult to predict who he will fight next.

Jose Aldo
This may have seemed like an obvious matchup several months ago when Dana White said that Jose would be guaranteed a rematch after Conor's last fight with Diaz, and if Aldo beat Frankie Edgar. It seems however Aldo had to wait for his revenge (despite rumours of retirement) as Conor was then granted an opportunity to fight Eddie Alvarez at UFC 205 for the Lightweight title. December will mark 1 year since Conor has not defended the Featherweight belt, and he's taken 3 fights outside of that division in the meen time, so his first title defense seems most pressing if Conor is wishes to retain the belt. Prior to the recent UFC 205 event Dana White said that Conor would be forced to relinquish one of the belts if he beat Alvarez. Given Dana's tendency to not keep his promises, and Conor's desire to keep active and hold both belts, it would only make sense that Conor grants Aldo a rematch, else he may be forced to give up the belt.

Nate Diaz
After their last match Conor hinted at a trilogy bout between himself and Diaz. Given the history between the two, and that they are both natural lightweights, this match seems inevitable, however more a question of when than if. Diaz has also said that he is not interested in fighting anybody other than McGregor. Will we see Conor defend his Lightweight title against Diaz?

Khabib Nurmagomedov
Khabib continued his unbeaten win-streak with a dominant display over Michael Johnson at the recent UFC 205 event to bring his record to a total of 24-0. Khabib's ground skills were devastating against top contender Michael Johnson, who despite rocking Khabib in the first round didn't seem to have any answers for Khabib once the fight went to the ground. There is no doubt Khabib has established himself as a top contender in the Lightweight division, and he was vocal between rounds, yelling at Dana that he wanted "Dana's Son" Conor McGregor as his next opponent. The Khabib vs Conor matchup seems to be in popular demand with MMA fans, and would also have the hallmarks of a classic striker vs grappler match. Despite Conor showing little interest in the match, stating that he thinks Khabib is a "pull-out merchant", this fight makes a lot of sense, and given that the UFC is currently hoping to expand in Russia, this fight could be a good segway given Khabib's popularity with his country-men.

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